District 18A Superior Court Judge

After much consideration,  I have filed to run for the office of Superior Court Judge. Guilford County is divided into 5 Superior Court districts and this particular seat is located in District 18A. This seat has been held by (RET) Judge Patrice A. Hinnant, who has served as Superior Court Judge since being appointed by Governor Beverly Purdue in 2009.  She has held this position with the highest of honor and integrity and has given me her support as I pursue this distinguished office.  With the help of the voters in District 18A, I intend to continue that legacy of honor and integrity.  

what you are voting for

The Superior Court presides over all felony charges, certain misdemeanor charges, civil cases where the amount in litigation is $25, 000 or more, and appeal cases from the lower criminal courts.  Trial in criminal case are held by a jury of 12 and in civil cases, juries are often waived.  Superior Court Judges whose Home Base is Guilford County will now travel to 20 different counties to hear cases.  The rotation system helps avoid favoritism that might result from having a permanent judge in one district.  You can find your Superior Court district by looking on your Voter Registration Card or doing a voter look up on the NC State Board of Election website.

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My Character is My Quality

My judicial philosophy is pretty simple, adhere to the rule of law and treat everyone with the same respect that I wish to be treated.  I strongly believe that my colleagues as well as the litigants that appear before me in District Court will agree that I hold firm to that philosophy.  I am fair, consistent and competent. I have worked very hard to be a great attorney and a great judge and will commit to taking the same ethics and integrity to the Superior Court bench. In order for me to be successful, the voters need to be informed about who they are voting for. My career has been dedicated to public service. My service has been dedicated to my community and my State. I have over 25 years of my passion being YOU!  You the child, you the citizen, you the voter!! 







Serving from The Community to the Courtroom

 I believe a Judge needs to serve from the streets of the community as well as from the bench in the courtroom. I believe every person has a right to be heard, regardless of their political beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs. I fully expect that a litigant that sits before me in any capacity, may not believe as I believe. However, YOU should fully expect that my beliefs are not broadcasted so publicly that they interfere with my ability to uphold and apply the rule of law fairly. I believe a Judge needs to be accountable, accessible, transparent and honest. I believe a Judge should be so neutral and non-biased that she has bi-partisan support for her candidacy – I bring that support with me in this election. I believe YOU should have a Superior Court Judge that holds this standard for herself.  

Protecting our Constitution & Our future

Judges do not make the laws, our State and United States Congresses draft and enact laws, as a co-equal branch, Judges apply those laws. To do otherwise, would automatically create a bias that would be unjustifiable. I believe in our imperfect justice system to which I continue to be a part of and continue to ask for your vote. I believe that we continue to improve and that there is still room for much improvement. I won’t make promises about how I will rule, or that I will fight for any person or group of people, that is NOT the role of the judge.  

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